May 15, 2008

Hey I just realised I can timestamp my posts... Hehe

Yea, I know you guys must have known this for the longest time by now but hey I just got back into this and I'm still a newbie.

Now that we can timestamp our posts, I wonder if I should start posting back on everything that has happened for the past year. Hehe... Well at least I can write about my life since the birth of my second daughter. Not that I love my elder daughter less (of course not!) but she was the easy one and had never given any trouble at all so my life after her was very easy going. Oh my second daughter is totally a different story. She's one year old now and for the past year I haven't been getting a good night sleep. Just last night, she woke up at around 2:30am and stayed up till about 5am. Crazy huh?

Hmm.. should I start backdating all my posts or should I just write everything briefly and cramp it all in one post?

**Oh yes, this backdating thought is mainly for my princess to read back on her upgrowing and for me to remember the "torture" & "fun" I went through in later years. Hehe

The sweetest Mother's Day gift

My Charlett came back from school last Friday with a special artwork she made for me for Mother's Day. Of course I was very happy to receive the present but that wasn't the sweetest gift of all.

Later that day, after finished reading about Destinee's gift, I was reminded of my blog (yea, my name was on the top of her links' list), I again try to churn my brains to gain access to my account.

Of course, a big part of my semangat is also due to successful bloggers like 5xmom. I have been reading her blog for sometime and find her blog to be truly fun to read and inspirational. Even my hubby think her blog is interesting. I have asked some questions about blogging and she told me that the best is to start off with

So no matter what, I must get back my account! I was so frustrated after all my unsuccesful attempts and when Charlett accidentally fell on my tummy (I was half lying down on my bed comfortably with my laptop on the my "breakfast in bed" tray and my princess was dancing on my bed to her fun song factory VCD), I was so mad I scolded her.

Ok actually I "aiyo" her with my angry voice. She quickly get up and apologise. When she saw me rubbing my tummy, she asked if I was in pain and of course I said yes. She immediately touch my tummy and say her healing prayer, "Lord Jesus, please heal my mommy and take away her pain. In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen". At that moment I remembered the last time she say her healing prayer for me was after I gave birth to my second daughter, Charmaine... and Yes! That was when I remember my password. Yay!

Thank you for helping mommy get back in her blog, my darling princess Charlett!

May 11, 2008

It's so good to be back.... finally...

I've learnt a very important lesson during my MIA days... and that is the importance of my passwords.

Yes, I have not been posting anything for over a year because not only that I forgot my password, I can't remember which email account I've associated this blog to. When I finally remember my email address, I tried using the "forgot password" option to retrieve it. The system then prompt me to answer a secret question which I have totally no memory off. Yes people, I'm a very forgetful and totally blur person.

Hmm.. I think my memory become worst after the birth of my second child. Hehe.. I've been using this as an excuse everytime I forgot about something nowadays... bad mommy!

Ok back to my dilemma... After entering clueless answers several times, it has an option where you can click on it so that your new password can be sent to your alternate email address (this is entered during the email account setup). I was so happy and click on the option immediately.

I then quickly log into my usual email account attempting to get back my password. Well guess what? I did not get any password reset email!!! Why?? Because Miss Smartypants here must have keyed in dunno God knows what email address as her alternate email.

Haih... after going through all the trouble, one might as well just forget about it and just sign up for a new blog, rite? Heck no, I'm stubbornly loyal as I'm forgetful!

So after endless trials, it did came to a point where I nearly forgotten about the whole issue. Yea, I almost forgotten about having a blog as the only time I get reminded of it is when I read my mom's blog (well she added me on the link) and it's been quite sometime since she last updated it (yes, she'll definitely ask me to read her blog when she write a new post... esp. something she's proud off!)

So thanks to Destinee's priceless Mother's Day gifts, I'm reminded of my old abandon blog.

Oh also a big thank you to 5xmom for the motivation to blog again.

How did I manage to retrieve back my password? Well, that's my princess Charlett's doing. I'll elaborate on this on my next post.

To all lovely bloggers who's read my blog before this, sorry for the MIA, thanks for the past comments and hope you guys will drop by again.

March 22, 2007

Well well well....

It has been so long ago since I wrote anything... Hey actually I have not written anything after my first post! Oh gosh!

Oh well, I figured since I have another baby coming soon... ( and yes, it's another baby girl) this is the best time for me to start blogging again. So I can write down in details my experience of this pregnancy (since I don't quite remember the first one), labour / childbirth, confinement and most of all... the baby's progress.

For my experience so far... hmm let me try to recall... (baby's due end of May 2007) so yeah, I've already come a long way... Well the morning sickness begun on the second month and ended apx. on the fourth month. It was actually worst this time as I do not have any appetite at all and I lost alot of weight. I only begin to gain weight by the end of the fifth month. *Poor me* Doctor even told me that I'm a little too underweight.. *sigh*

Well things are better now except for my backache, tummy cramps, baby's constant kicking (yeap she's very active! hehe) and tiredness?sleepiness (most of the day)...

I'm so looking forward for the delivery now (well not the suffering of labour pain and all of cos!). I'm just really curious to know how she'll look like and too see Charlett's (my elder daughter) reaction when she sees the baby. Charlett tells me almost everyday that she can't wait for the baby to come out. :)

Oh well....

January 17, 2006

Once Upon a Time...

…. on October 07, 2003, a beautiful baby girl called Charlett was brought into this world. She had instantly became the joy of everyone’s life.

She’s the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.Ever since she’s a baby, she had always been the ‘lovey dovey’ type. Till now, she’ll come kiss me every now and then (even when she’s watching tv, playing or when we’re shopping). No matter what she’s doing, she never refuses a kiss or a hug. She’s just lovely.

My mom always tells me I can’t stop talking about my daughter. Hmm.. I do agree but there’s no reason to stop sharing your joy rite?? That’s one of the reason for this blog.

Another reason is my dearest most wonderful Mom…..Just like my mom, I too have been considering to start this for the longest time. My mom has successfully did it last December (YES! My mom has a blog!!!). She always ask me to check out her blog cos she seems to be very happy about it. She also keeps telling me about her wonderful fellow bloggers.

I didn’t have time to check it out until last week (yeah i’m a bad daughter). Imagine my surprise when I saw her blog! She never knew how to operate the digital camera let alone post the pictures on her blog with videos & all!!! Oh gosh! I was in shock but sure am proud of her. Not that she’s not bright or anything but you have to know my mom, she has a very selective memory and only remember things that she wants to.

So I thought to myself, if she can do all that for her blog, then this blog thingy must really mean something to her.I continued reading her blog from then onwards and find it quite entertaining. I even went through all the comments and the link to her fellow bloggers… and I must say she made some really nice friends

.…. and then I made up my mind to start blogging today.. it’s now or never…:) So here I am! Hi Mom! Hi Eveyone! Welcome to my Chamber of Sweetness.